2020 Schedule


Traditional Usui Reiki I Class & Certification

Come learn the healing art and gift of Reiki. Through lecture, demonstration, experiential and hands-on work, students will gain all they need to feel confident to use Reiki, whether working on someone lying down, in chairs, or on themselves. Reiki can be used at home with friends, family, children, and pets. It can be used at work with clients and patients. Most importantly it can be used to help restore, renew and reduce our own stress levels.

At our Reiki I certification course you will:

Learn the history of Reiki
Learn the philosophy of Reiki
How to use Reiki both personally and professionally
Learn how Reiki triggers the self-healing mechanisms of the body
Receive the 3 Reiki I channel opening attunements
Learn how to recognize and feel the Reiki energy
Learn how to ground and protect yourself from negative energy of others
Learn what a healing crisis is and how Reiki can help
Learn all you need to know about giving a Reiki treatment
Practice giving a complete full body Reiki treatment
Receive a full body Reiki treatment
Learn how to give a chair Reiki treatment
Learn self-Reiki for self healing and preventing burn-out
Receive information about Reiki II & Reiki Master Practitioner
Receive your extensive Reiki I manual
Receive your Reiki I certificate

FREE gift included!
This will be an exiting, enlightening evening for personal growth!

Hosted by Victoria Witherell, RGMT, CPLC of The Enchanted Outlook & Berkshire Martial Arts Academy

April 11th, 2020 1-5pm
630 Outlook Ave.
Cheshire, MA 01225

Cost $200 (includes class, attunments and Reiki Practitioner Certification)

Berkshire Martial Arts
630 Outlook Ave.
Cheshire, MA 01225
Call or Text: 413-464-1495

Usui Reiki II Practitioner Class and Certification

 Reiki II takes the Reiki I practitioner deeper into the full power and potential of what Reiki can do. In this course, you will learn how to use three Reiki symbols in Reiki treatments to greatly intensify the power of the Reiki I energy, to use Reiki for mental/emotional healing, and to give Reiki from a distance. You will also learn how to apply Reiki in a variety of other uses and situations.

This will be an enlightening evening for personal growth!
Limited availability!

Prerequisite: Reiki I, and at least 30 days since previous RL1 attunments. (must apply)

Limited seating available...
Please call text or message to secure your seat! (413)464-1495

Sandwiches and a Snack will be provided.

Cost $300 (includes class, attunments and certification)

Hosted by Victoria Witherell, RGMT, CPLC of The Enchanted Outlook & Berkshire Martial Arts Academy

March 29th, 2020 at 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm at:
Berkshire Martial Arts
630 Outlook Ave.
Cheshire, MA 01225


Munay Ki Shamanic Rites

Coming soon

Reiki III / Master Practitioner

Coming soon

Reiki III Part 2 / Master Teacher

Coming soon

Usui Reiki I

Coming Soon

Usui Reiki II / Reiki Practitioner

Coming soom

Preparing for your Reiki Attunments

  • It is a fact that some people enjoy the Attunements so much that they choose to repeat them.  There is no danger in this; it is an enjoyable and special experience.  While the effects of opening to Reiki energy remain for life, a repeat Attunement might be especially helpful to someone who’s not done Reiki for a while.
  • No alcohol
    • Alcohol dulls the mind.
  • Avoid high protein food
    • High protein food requires more digestion and uses energy
  • Eat fruit, vegetables and drink water
    • Easy to digest and healthy
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks
    • Causes the mind to be over-active